DigitalMuse.org, an initiative of the Digital Leadership Institute, is a global collaborative network stimulating girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and improving their digital skills through creative enterprises such as music & DJ-ing, design & visual arts, video games & software programming, and TV, film & audio production.

Digital Muses at Launch of European Commission Campaign “Science: It’s a Girl Thing”

At DigitalMuse.org events, girls interact directly with role model artists and practitioners from creative sectors and learn practical skills they can use in their daily lives.  This way they are also empowered to express their own stories through digital and entertainment media.

UN ITU Recognizes Global Initiatives Contributing to First-ever “Girls in ICT Day,” with Cheryl Miller, DigitalMuse.org Founder

The DigitalMuse.org network connects girls of all ages around the world, giving them ways to share their stories in order to improve the quantity and quality of stories told about girls and women in media, worldwide.

Robot “Mission to Mars” at Largest Open Source Conference in the World, OSCON 2012