DM goes to the EU Parliament!

3D Printing
Image: Gina van Hoof

Exciting news!  On 20 February 2013, will carry out a half-day workshop on 3D Design & Printing at the European Parliament, as part of a wider event promoting female entrepreneurship in Europe.  The event, hosted by Seldia, will give a group of lucky young women the chance to design and print their very own creations using the latest in 3D print technology, and aims to showcase the importance of STE(A)M* skills for young people and the vital contribution all women can make to the future European economy.

Zen Digital Europe sister initiative, Women2020, will also collaborate on the event as part of its mission to promote the contribution of women to the Europe2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, where women-led enterprises, female entrepreneurship, social enterprise and STE(A)M skills play a critical role. This issues will also be the subject of a panel luncheon where our young digital muses will also be encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, *Art* & Mathematics