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After reaching nearly 500 girls with our Girl Tech Fest initiative, Digital Muse plans to keep inspiring girls with a Digital Muse After School (DMAS) program, taking place at our female tech incubator in Brussels on Wednesdays after school, 14:00-16:00.

What is Digital Muse After School?

Digital Muse After School is a program for up to 40 teen girls, ages 11 to 16, focused on encouraging them to pursue studies and careers in ESTEAM:  Entrepreneurship and Arts, powered by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The first DMAS series, taking place between 20 September and 13 December 2017, is focused on four thematic areas that introduce participants to the variety of opportunities that a career in technology has to offer.

DMAS 2017 Timeline – Wednesdays, 14:00-16:00

  • Start:  20 September 2017
  • End:   13 December 2017

DMAS 2017 Class Schedule

  • 20 September-4 October:  Android Programming with MIT App Inventor
  • 11-25 October:  Web Development with WordPress
  • 8-22 November:  Data Visualization with Tableau
  • 29 November-13 December:  Electrical Engineering/Wearables with Adafruit

Information and Rolling Registration:


Suite au succès de notre “Girl Tech Fest” auquel plus de 450 filles ont participé, Digital Muse veux continuer inspirer les filles et lance son programme parascolaire “Digital Muse After School” (DMAS).

Qu’est-ce que le DMAS?

Digital Muse After School est un programme parascolaire qui peut accueillir jusqu’au 40 participantes, ayant le but d’encourager les filles à poursuivre des études et des carrières dans les domaines de l’entrepreneuriat, science, technologie, ingénierie, arts et mathématique (ESTEAM)

Le premier semestre est axé sur le développement des projets pendants trois semaines au cours desquelles les filles apprendront des notions qui couvrent trois domaines thématiques (développement d’Android, conception web, visualisation des données et l’ingénierie électrique/“Wearables”) afin d’introduire les filles aux nombreuses options qu’une carrière dans le domaine de la technologie peut offrir.


450 meisjes hebben al genoten van ons Girl Tech Fest evenement. Nu lanceert Digital Muse het Afterschool programma en zal hiermee de meisjes blijven inspireren.

Wat is het?

Het is een programma met 40 meisjes, dat focust op het stimuleren van jonge meisjes om hun studies af te werken en een job aan te gaan in ESTEAM (entrpreneurship, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). Tijdens het eerste semester, zullen de meiden werken aan een Androidontwikkeling, ontwerpen van een website, data visualisatie en elektrotechniek, om ze kennis te laten maken met verschillende carrière mogelijkheden in technologie.






Girl Coding Power at Salesforce Essentials

On 1 June in Louvain-La-Neuve, girls and women from across Belgium joined an all-female Android coding workshop organized by the Digital Leadership Institute in the context of Salesforce Essentials, a large-scale event reaching over 600 Salesforce enthusiasts. The workshop, carried out as part of our Digital Muse initiative in collaboration with Salesforce Belux and, attracted participants ranging in age from ten to fifty-five, who benefited from hands-on coding lessons using MIT App Inventor and inspiring talks by Salesforce employees.

Ms. Cécile Kempeneers is a role model with plenty of role models!

Ms. Cécile Kempeneers, a Salesforce Belux Senior Account Executive who also co-organized a workshop at the most recent Girl Tech Fest Brussels 2017, shared with participants about her own role models and people who inspired her to enter a career in tech — including her grandfather, but also Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai.  Ms. Carmina Coenen, Salesforce Manager for Solution Engineering, also captured everyone’s imagination with a promise that coding and working with Salesforce would give them more options for an exciting and rewarding career.

Ms. Carmina Coenen inspires the Digital Muses

Workshop attendees showed a clear talent for developing their own Android smartphone application that translates speech from one language into spoken output in another language.  The talks by Ms. Coenen and Ms. Kempeneer also piqued their interest in career opportunities with Salesforce.

“We are excited to build on this interest by offering our community more curriculum on smartphone app-development and on becoming certified Salesforce CRM experts,” commented Ms. Cheryl Miller, DLI Founder.  “We look forward to pursuing this collaboration going forward, for the benefit of both Salesforce and for these amazing girls of all ages!” & Salesforce Selfie