Digital Muse After School Programme seeks FR / NL + EN Volunteers

Are you interested in helping to encourage more girls to follow careers and studies in STEM? Do you want to help ensure European girls have the skills needed to succeed in the future workforce? Are you fluent in English and French and/or Dutch?

Come volunteer for Digital Muse After School! We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers with an interest in learning digital skills to help us achieve our goal of a truly inclusive, trilingual classroom. DMAS volunteers will be taught and prepped on all course material before each of the four modules and will receive ongoing support from the DLI team. We are looking for volunteers who can provide linguistic and technical support to girls aged 11 to 16. Previous technical experience is not required. All we ask for is a passion for our mission and a willingness to learn!

As volunteers become part of the DLI family, we want to see each and everyone grow and benefit from the experience. With this in mind, we are excited to offer our DLI Volunteer Certificate which can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, please contact (Digital Muse Programme Manager), briefly explaining your motivation to volunteer, and confirming your availability on Wednesdays between 14-16h along with your language abilities.


Beste DM netwerk,

Bent u geïnteresseerd om meisjes te stimuleren om een carrière aan te gaan en studie hierin te volgenin STEM? Wilt u helpen om ervoor te zorgen dat Europese meisjes de vaardigheden hebben om te slagen later en goede job te krijgen? Spreek je goed Engels/Nederlands of Frans?

Kom als vrijwilliger helpen voor de Digital Muse Afterschool! We zijn op zoek naar enthousiaste vrijwilligers met een interesse in technologie, en help ons doel te bereiken. DMAS vrijwilligers krijgen voorbereidende lessen en wij zullen jullie klaarstomen in de 4 verschillende onderwerpen. U zal altijd oppas kunnen terugvallen indien u iets niet snapt. Wij zijn op zoek naar vrijwilligers die meisjes tussen 11-16 jaar kunnen ondersteunen op taalgebied en digitale vaardigheden. Het is niet nodig om technische vaardigheden te hebben. Het enige wat we zoeken zijn gepassioneerde mensen en die graag bijleren.

Als een vrijwilliger wordt je een deel van de DLI familie. We willen dat iedereen kan groeien en kan genieten van deze kans. Hou dit in gedachte, dat wij een certificaat uitreiken: DLI vrijwilliger certificaat, die kan je toevoegen aan je LinkedIn profiel.

Als dit als muziek in uw oren klinkt en u bent geïnteresseerd om er meer over te weten of leren, neem dan contact op met (Digital Muse Programma manager), vertel kort wat u drijft om bij ons te komen helpen en bevestig welke woensdagen u kan helpen van 14-16 uur. Vertel er ook bij in welke talen u het best bent.


Chers membres du réseau Digital Muse,

Êtes-vous intéressés encourager davantage de filles à suivre des carrières et des études dans les domaines du STEM? Voulez-vous faire partie du programme qui vise aider les filles à travers l’Europe d’acquérir les compétences nécessaires pour réussir dans le futur monde du travail? Êtes-vous fluent en anglais, français et / ou néerlandais?

Devenez bénévole pour le programme parascolaire Digital Muse After School! Nous recherchons des bénévoles enthousiastes qui s’intéressent à l’apprentissage des compétences numériques pour nous aider à atteindre notre objectif d’avoir une classe trilingue véritablement inclusive. Les bénévoles du DMAS seront enseignés et préparés sur tous les documents de cours avant chacun des quatre modules sur le programme et recevront un soutien continu de l’équipe du Digital Leadership Institute. Nous recherchons des bénévoles qui peuvent fournir un soutien linguistique et technique aux filles âgées de 11 à 16 ans. L’expérience technique préalable n’est pas requise. Tout ce que nous demandons est une passion pour notre mission et la volonté d’apprendre!

Au fur et à mesure que les bénévoles feront partie de la famille DLI, nous voulons voir chacun grandir et bénéficier de l’expérience. Dans cet esprit, nous sommes ravis d’offrir le certificat de bénévolat de DLI qui peut être ajouté à votre profil LinkedIn.

Si cela vous intéresse, envoyez un email à (Digital Muse Program Manager), en expliquant brièvement votre motivation pour participer et confirmez votre disponibilité les mercredis entre 14-16h avec vos aptitudes linguistiques.

Brussels Girls Go Digital

On 30 April at European School IV in Brussels, 250 girls from thirty-three schools across Belgium celebrated International Girls in ICT Day 2016 by participating in Belgium’s first-ever Digital MuseGirl Tech Fest,” an all-day event promoting digital and creative skills to girls aged 11 to 15.  The first Girl Tech Fest was carried out in Dutch, French and English and organized by the Digital Leadership Institute with support from Google, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Dell and the ULB.  The event involved over 100 volunteers who organised more than forty workshops and twenty Digital Muse Lab activities that showcased high-tech gadgets and activities like Cooking with Watson, Google Cardboard, and Smartgurlz Drones designed, powered and modeled after girls.

Participants also took advantage of hands-on workshops teaching such skills as how to “Lead Like a Girl” and “Write in Wikipedia,” and they got to design and build their own gadgets like computer-powered legos and 3D holograms.  The first-ever Girl Tech Fest also featured inspiring talks by role models from GTF partners, as well as former European Digital Girls of the Year, Miss Lune Van Ewijk and Miss Manon Van Hoorebeke.  Ms. Lorena Boix Alonso of the European Commission and Ms. Saskia Van Uffelen, Digital Champion for Belgium were also guests of honour.

On the occasion of the first Girl Tech Fest, the Digital Leadership Institute also released its first music compilation, Digital Muse One – DM1, featuring top women electronic musicians from the past and present. Ms. Maya Postepski, aka Princess Century, who composed a DM1 track called “California,” also delivered an inspiring talk at the Girl Tech Fest, organized several workshops on “digital music composition” and had several girls to join her in DJ-ing at a GTF disco during the lunch break.

The closing GTF plenary showcased amazing digital creations of the day for which the girls themselves were responsible, including an original Digital Muse letter font, digital music compositions, and high-tech fashion designs.  Prizes were given to outstanding digital muses who inspired their fellow participants during the day with insight, helpfulness, and general enthusiasm about the event and their fellow digital muses.

By all measures, the inaugural Girl Tech Fest Brussels was an unqualified success, and DLI is grateful to all its partners, volunteers and sponsors for the hard work, commitment and love with which this amazing event was delivered.  In the meantime, the feedback from the school was so great that we have already been invited back next year– but this time with twice as many participants! 😮

Better start getting ready for 29 April 2017 when we will kick off Girl Tech Fest Brussels 2017!!!  🙂

If you or or your organisation would like to support future editions of the Digital Muse Girl Tech Fest in Brussels or elsewhere — with expert-led workshops, sponsorship, promotional consideration, media coverage, technical infrastructure or onsite volunteers — please contact us.

Girl Tech Fest Brussels 2016

In celebration of International Girls in ICT Day 2016, on 30 April in Brussels the Digital Leadership Institute will launch the first-ever Digital MuseGirl Tech Fest” — an all-day event promoting digital and creative skills to 11-15 year old girls from the greater Brussels region.  This event, supported by top technology companies, youth networks, and public and private partners in Belgium and Europe, aims to increase participation of girls in ESTEAM* studies and careers through hands-on workshops at the intersection of creative and digital endeavor.

Digital Muse Girl Tech Fest:  The first-ever Girl Tech Fest will showcase inspiring women role models in tech, a Digital Muse Lab where girls can experiment with the latest high-tech gadgets, and dozens of hands-on workshops promoting digital skills and creativity with subjects like “The Future of Fashion,” “Digital Music Composition,” and “Building Smarter SmartPhone Apps.”

DM1 Art

Digital Muse One – Music Compilation Release:  On the occasion of the Girl Tech Fest, the Digital Leadership Institute will also release its first compilation album, “Digital Muse One – DM1,” featuring top women electronic musicians from the past and present.  Album artists will join the Girl Tech Fest as speakers and workshop leaders.  Proceeds from the DM1 release event and sale of the album will benefit this and future Digital Muse activities.

If you or or your organisation would like to support the Digital Muse Girl Tech Fest — with expert-led workshops, sponsorship, promotional consideration, media coverage, technical infrastructure or onsite volunteers, please contact us.  We are looking forward to launching this world-first for International Girls in ICT Day in Brussels on 30 April 2016 with you!

*Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics


Europe’s First Digital Innovation Centre for Girls and Women

On 9 March in Brussels, the Digital Leadership Institute and 150 of its closest friends and supporters celebrated International Women’s Day with the grand opening of DLI‘s Digital Innovation Centre for Girls & Women, a first of its kind in Europe! This very special occasion was marked with fun, hands-on digital activities for all ages, a high-level roundtable with Brussels, Belgian and European stakeholders, and a reception for all in attendance.

To kick off the evening, DLI volunteers and partners took over the entire, new 100m2 space to give young and young-at-heart members of the DLI family a try at hands-on digital activities with the following themes:

  • 3D Design & Printing
  • Digital Music & DJing
  • Bits, Bytes & Machine Code
  • Silly Robot Missions
  • Play Your Musical Fruit

In particular, the Bits, Bytes & Machine Code activity – a card game for all ages designed by Ms. Rosanna Kurrer, DLI Digital Literacy Lead and g-Hive Community Manager – was a popular (and loud) crowd favorite. It required players to calculate in bits and bytes, and showcased the digital natives in the group, who nimbly trounced their analog ancestors to much vocal lamenting.

The Digital Activity Stations then gave way to an official DLI Opening Ceremony graced with a beautiful video message from Ms. Bianca Debaets, State Secretary of the Brussels Capital Region for Equal Opportunity and ICT, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by Miss Manon Van Hoorebeke, 2014 European Digital Girl of the Year, and Ms. Esther Roure Vila, 2014 European Digital Woman of the Year.

The evening’s activities were rounded out with a high-level discussion on the topic of “Women Driving Digital Innovation,” with unique and insightful interventions by the VIPs in attendance, all amazing role models for girls and women in technology:

As a magical closing to an exciting evening, Ms. Pascale Van Damme, Managing Director of Dell Belgium & Luxembourg and 2014 “ICT Woman of the Year”, surprised the convened guests with dedication of forty Dell laptops to DLI saying “this is a contribution to help ensure the DLI Centre gets off on the right foot and is able to achieve its mission which we support very much.”

Thank you, Dell! And thank you to all of our DLI community and supporters for such a wonderful and memorable DLI opening event!